Three Giraffes


Things to Know

How Do I Place An Order?

Simple! See something you like currently listed? Awesome. Toss it in your shopping cart, cash out, and hang tight while your new one of a kind piece gets shipped out to you! See something you like that has already sold, or maybe have an idea for something new you would like to see? Head over to the contact page! Drop me a line or two about what it is you’re looking for and I’ll do everything in my power to make just exactly what you’re looking for.

Custom Orders

Based on every individual order being one of a kind, there are times that the customs get backed up. Sometimes I don’t have the right moonstone in stock to make your perfect piece, or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more rare. There’s no set time on what each project will take, but I will give you the most accurate estimate I can when we chat about what it is you’re looking for!

Payment and Shipping

All major credit cards accepted, secure online payments are made through eCommerce bank and PayPal.

Payment Plans available, details vary per item. Reach out to me through the contact page and we’ll come up with a plan that works for your budget.

Venmo and PayPal accepted for private purchases, custom orders, and payment plans.

FREE STANDARD SHIPPING anywhere in the continental US

*Special Thanks*

  To ‘the squad’ for being the most incredible group of talented, supportive, beautiful souls I could ever hope to call my friends. Bradley for all of the love & support, Lauren for the motivation & keeping it fun, and Patrick for always being there & knowing all of the tech answers.